Strange sight

I’m in the house of cards, but it is still quite strong t withstand the pressure of the wind and words, but the walls are too thin. There, only emptiness. Everything is flat and not real .. people, animals, plants, and I’m .. I’m the cardboard, without feelings and emotions. I think I would feel like a cold wind pierces me, goes through, but do not realize it, miss the point. I went to, I need to restore order in my soul, but I really do not know what I have to throw that accumulate dirt? And it may be better to throw everything and start again furnish the emptiness of the soul ..?

And the weather on the street meets me, she is raging, in misunderstanding yourself

P.S.(MB) This year is very important to me, can it be that I can not understand what I need at this time interval, which for me will be significant and important. More acquired or lost?
I’m very excited. No course is too loud to say that future developments depend on it and if nothing comes of it, my life is over. No. It is not so, life will always go for those who believe in it.
But still want everything to be perfect, as he wanted, as planned. Fulfill the dream for this year. The dream which I live, I’m waiting and luring in their network.
It will be realized! The main thing to remember it.


~ by headintheflowers on August 12, 2010.

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