Idea/Wishlist today

Sometimes I’m just madness from the fact that I do, it’s moments of happiness, joy, admiration life!

Autumn. My soul desperately sleepy, I’m trying to resist and efforts are enormous.
I want to stand in a vacuum in a vacuum balloon full sparkling, soothing lights.
Close eyes, a thin blanket statements.
Leaving from the opinions of others, and be above all the fuss.
Lodging is in the thick darkness, and to see a kaleidoscope of life, its brightness, without pathos and wrappers
P.S. Some people are unique in the vagus light of their stars, are irreplaceable

Today, hung on the chandelier clip on a string, I confess, I saw something like this has on the Internet itself is not thought of)
And now all you want, or just pleasing (what a word)) hangs in the range of visibility and pleases the eye!
Sometimes magical thinking envelop me barely noticeable sparkling transparent cocoon, I do not want to get out of it. is happiness.

Of today’s favorite word – is incomprehensible.

P.S. I lost my head of this dresses!!!


~ by headintheflowers on September 7, 2010.

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