Previously, there was a cupboard, it is now more comfortable

Start the school year passes, I hope not only for me. As it turned out I need to read a bunch of (no I’m serious, just a bunch!) books.
Bought a sample examination tasks in the literature. I have little eyes do not fall out! I’m serious!

Oh yeah, by the way, I have a birthday soon! I would like to donate a laptop, so I felt that this thing is indispensable and extremely convenient!
Well, I certainly was netbook (why was he now is) but with a few problems the first is the small screen !!!!!!! Second, I spilled coffee on him and in consequence this keyboard is completely refuses to work, and in the service refused to say that either clearly, have gone so far that I own him figure out what to lose, and suddenly I was a brilliant technician laptops, who knows! really! ))))))))

And can anyone be anything I give him, it would be preferable (to me white please)))

P.S.I have a feeling that in a day fewer hours (or days per week)
What do you think about this?


~ by headintheflowers on September 16, 2010.

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