This is serious, but not very..

Our reality is frozen with anticipation of something grand! What is not known, but it is clearly in anticipation of a superman or something similar!
So how is in absolutely amoebic state! At least in my country. All of which is sluggish to anyone or anything not needed. Everyone is waiting for a miracle! And it is not!
Damn let yourself move progress! Even in ancient times, people were more lively. Even in the days of slaves and serfdom. And now all sit at computers, where the go to social networks, blogs, chat rooms. There they can be whoever they want, even the Lord God. On and on moving away from reality, it simply ceases to exist for them. I will not deny that I also belong to them, but I’m trying to do something with them. In order not to degrade! This is what should be afraid of everyone.
Change societal attitudes. In our time, is not ashamed to be an alcoholic, and jogging in the morning, read books, go to the theater, and most importantly feel ashamed to be smart.
It seems to happen something extremely inconvenient for many to at least something has changed in our world.
I sometimes wonder what’s left of our generation.
It seems that all great deeds have occurred. What will the future of textbooks describing our time. I’m afraid even imagine. ”


~ by headintheflowers on September 20, 2010.

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