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The soul needs a holiday
filled with happiness

but so far
just days
although there is no
not just a few days.
they evoke thoughts of me
magic, it is in the air, if the trust
and I believe.
I feel that all of its fragments
whole life

this point. it has something
I have not yet figured out but it
certainly not normal or ordinary

we keep thinking in the future
And why?
could be today
our life will end as
sharply as it has begun
and we never will see the sunset from the cotton candy flavor

let’s be happy
because we are initially
problems are invented

peace, happiness, love …))


What it was O_o

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Today went to the literature, it is what you fear, I thought I go mad for these miserable hour and a half.
Teacher terrible, even I do not understand how she was close to literature creativity.
I see it where none of the loom, or whether that be anything like it.
This is the most banal woman, it does not not only sparks but even banal life.
That there are people listening who opens his mouth and just swallow every word, even if it is a species of litter or used tea bags. just a man so bursting with energy and so interested, even so in love! in fact is talking about that do not even notice how time passes.
there and then all sat down and fell asleep and read the inscription on the chairs, catching flies, drew in their notebooks designed for the more important things, and dreaming about the end of the Inquisition!
want to still believe that it will bring at least some some headway, although there vryat

wishlist today

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I was going to wear this winter
It’s really a wonderful thing for winter, Burberry tried, and this winter will be less frostbitten limbs, and other troubles associated with a cold)

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when to something you get used to, then all the magic disappears


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I like this photo.


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Today I was seventeen years old!)))
I can not but wish for your own happiness and the future, I dream about !!)))

P.S.My dream about white laptop, realized!!)))


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Rock’n’roll is alive!
I feel a propensity for life-style rock’n’roll!
I like it, it kicks, it’s like a drug!

I’d like to live in this time!! Sex. Drugs and Rock’n’roll